Rove Concepts: Kure Metal Planter

  My obsession with urban jungles continues. My newest addition? The Kure Metal Planter by Rove Concepts. This planter is not only minimal but also extremely high quality and heavy duty. It’s simple and straight forward, but there was an unexpected feature I discovered when it arrived. See that bowl? It’s not attached, which for me makes …


Best Sleep Ever

Sleep is my drug. Here’s a few of my personal sleeping hacks that have helped me the most in my pursuit for the best sleep ever: 1. High Quality Mattress, Bedding & Pillows Don’t be cheap when it comes to these items. I noticed immediate results once I upgraded my mattress, and the bedding and pillows you sleep on are …

Interior Photo



The Integral Prints by MEMORIESLAB are vintage inspired with a complete modern overhaul. Photos are developed onto high quality matte film and come packaged in a handcrafted black box for easy storing. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t plan on keeping these prints boxed up very long. They will be going up on the wall …

D.I.Y. Scent

DIY: Beaker Candles


Spending $65-100 on a candle isn’t something I’m always willing to do, especially if I can create a close replica. If you haven’t seen similar candles on Instagram yet, a quick Google search will show you how popular these beaker candles are becoming. Candle making can be a little tricky without proper instructions, so here is everything …

Scent Review

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to trial ScentBird is a subscription service that delivers a 30-day supply of a designer fragrance, every month, for only $14.95 ! I really like the concept of the 30-day supply because it’s the perfect way to sample a scent without any commitment. To start your subscription, you begin by filling up your scent queue with …


Moments With Friday

Derek Cooper Photography

Fridays tend to be my busiest day of the week. I’m usually in a rush to finish jobs and other tasks before the weekend. However, I had a few spare moments, so I started organizing files on my computer, and I stumbled upon some of my older photography. These photos happen to be the spark that …

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